The Cup has returned to Ugra


“Ugra” and “Belye medvedi” met again in the decisive final game of the tournament.

Both teams were the leaders of the competitions, this time they also showed their motivation to win the precious Cup.

“Ugra” was the first to score in the game. Nikolay Terentyev received a pass of Denis Batyuk and scored a goal. Soon Batyuk and Terentyev sent one more puck into the opponent’s net – 2:0 – and then it all started. Four minutes before the first break a goal was scored by Konstantin Shikhov. Then Andrey Sokolov made one more goal 4:0, and later Konstantin Shikhov again increased the gap between the opponents. At the end of the first period the score was 5:0 for “Ugra”.

In the beginning of the second period a player of “Ugra” got a two-minute penalty, so the guests had an opportunity to narrow the gap, but the defense of “Ugra” was infallible. Two more goals were scored by “Ugra” players Nikolay Terentyev and Andrey Sokolov; both of then received a pass from Alexander Tchalin. One and a hald minute before the siren Konstantin Shikhov managed to mislead the opponents and enter the net zone of “Belye medvedi”. However, the defense of Moscow team didn’t allow him to score. On the contrary, the team of guests took the lead and scored its first goal. The shot into the net was made by Alexander Shcherbakov who received a pass of Roman Severin.

The third period was again controlled by “Ugra”. In the end of the game Nikolay Terentyev scored again. The guests found a chance to shorten the score gap, though a little bit. But still our sledge hockey players scored in return and sent the ninth puck into the net! As a result, the game ended with a lopsided score – 9:2 for “Ugra”. So the main trophy of the tournament – The Cup of Ugra – will stay at home.

The head coach of “Ugra” Alexander Zykov: “This tournament was a success, all the opponents were very professional, I would not say their was some definite leader. All the players got a great experience, some Russian teams were playing with athletes from Czech Republic for the first time. It was seen from the games and the emotions, that all of them were hard for us. As for the performance of our team, we have analyzed our mistakes and know how to fix them. First of all we need to work on our conversion – this is our weak point. Though we scored a lot of goals, this doesn’t mean that players have done everything I wanted them to do. A lot of moments and chances to score were lost, most of the goals were made by individuals and were not the result of a good teamwork. Hockey is a team game, I’d like to see more combinations”.

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