The Bronze of “Udmurtiya”


On the last day of the tournament “Udmurtiya” from Izhevsk was playing in the bronze medal game with the team of Czech Republic.

Team of Czech Republic started to attack from the very first minutes of the game, however, the lead was soon taken by “Udmurtiya” and the game transferred on the Czech side. It is worth saying that both teams were playing quite an unaggressive game for the first five minutes of the first period. But then sledge hockey players from Czech Republic scored their first goal: Pavel Kubes received a pass of Zdenek Safranek and shot the puck into the net of “Udmurtiya”.

Closer to the end of the first period a player of “Udmurtiya” got 2-minute penalty, the team of Czech Republic started to attack and used every single second of its powerplay,  but still didn’t manage to change the score.

In the second period players of “Udmurtiya” took the lead and five minutes before the end of the period Fyodor Ivanov and Ruslan Tuchin conducted a good combination while Maxim Kalachyov received the puck and shot it into the net of the opponent. The score became equal — 1:1. Obviously, Czech team was not satisfied with such a result, it speeded up and was constantly attacking the net zone of “Udmurtia”, still without success,

There were no goals scores in the third period, neither they were scored in the overtime period. Sledge hockey players from Udmurtiya were luckier in the penalty shootout — the goal was score by Ruslan Tuchin. The final score of the game – 2:1 for “Udmurtiya”.

The author of a goal that brought a victory to “Udmurtiya”, Ruslan  Tuchin commented the performance of his team on the tournament: «This was the first time in the history of our club when we were playing with foreign opponent, especially with the national team. As a rule, national teams have the best and strongest players. In our first game here we lost in the overtime period and now, on the contrary, luck, was on our side”.


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