One more lopsided victory of “Ugra” — 8:1



Sledge hockey players from Ugra had a game with the team of Czech Republic.

To support local athletes the game came the head of the region Natalia Komarova and the main federal inspector in Ugra Dmitry Kuzmenko.


From the very beginning team from Khanty-Mansiysk was leading the game. The first goal was scored just four minutes after the start of the period 1. The puck was sent in the net of the opponent by Alexey Petrov.  Just a few minutes after, a forward of “Ugra” Nikolay Terentyev tried to score one more goal, but a goaltender of Czech team managed to send the puck aside. One more try to score was made by Konstantin Shikhov, but the puck went above the gate.  A bit later Terentyev was sent to the penalty box for elbowing, but even playing shorthanded “Ugra” was not going to lose its leading position. As a result of one more attack next accurate shot in the net of Czech republic was sent by Alexey Petrov. One minute before the end of the period athletes from Khanty-Mansiysk managed to break through the defense of Czech Republic and to score one more goal – this was the second goal of Nikolay Terentyev in the game.

From the very first minutes of the second period “Ugra “ started to attack again. Terentyev went to the net zone of the opponent, trying to shoot one more goal. But this time Jan Matousek was quick enough and managed to send the shot aside. Having received the puck, Czech team started its counterattack and went to the gates of “Ugra”. The first goal of Czech Republic was made by Zdenek Krupicka.

In the third period “Ugra” was attacking the net of the opponent again. After two unsuccessful tries Nikolay Tchukhontsev made an accurate shot in the gate of Czech Republic, thus scoring the fourth goal. Then Terentyev want to the net zone of the opponent again. Although a goaltender of Czech Republic tried to stop the attack, he failed – Nikolay Tchukhontsev finished the combination of Konstantin Shikhov abd Nikolay Terentyev and scored again. The next puck in the net of Czech team was sent by Alexander Tchalin. Not even giving the opponent a bit of rest, players of “Ugra” made a new attack. This time the goal was scored by Jan Rushakov.

The emotions went very high: three minutes before the end of the game  Martin Joppa was knocked out of the sledge by “Ugra” player. For doing this Denis Balyuk got a gross-misconduct penalty  and was sent to the penalty box until the end of the game. The author of the last goal was Konstantin Shikhov. We meneged to use an appropriate moment, mislead the defense of the opponent and go face to face with a goaltender. The final score of the game 8:1 for “Ugra”.

«I was hard to play in the first two periods, and then everything went smoothly and we felt this is our game. Sometimes it was difficult, but games are always not easy», — commented the game a forward of “Ugra” Nikolay Terentyev. 

«Of cause, we are not satisfied with this result; we lost with the score 8:1. I wish it was not so lopsided. Still I think my team played well in the second period. I’d say that we won it — 1:0. Four athletes in our team have just started playing sledge hockey; this is a very important experience for them. Now we know how to train in the future, we need to pay more attention to our speed. .”Ugra” is a strong team, but we were winning it in the past. We need to improve the skills of our new team members, and we will work on it», — said the main coach of Czech team Jiri Briza.

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